Download Free Movie Apps, Live TV Apps & Online HD Movies Sites For Mobiles/PC

Free is a buzzword for every ear, be it rich or poor. You must have heard that nothing comes for free in this harsh world. I have experienced this also but got an exception to this while searching for free movie apps online. Who doesn’t like to watch the movie for relaxing? But, sometimes cost hinders this way of entertainment. Some sites charge a hefty amount for watching HD movies online. It is not good to spend money for time pass when you have other options too. Some apps provide you your favorite movies for free. Really!

But before going deep, it is necessary for you to understand the difference between free Mobile/PC movie streaming sites and free HD movies sites. There remain some movie streaming sites that do not require any signing in or downloading. From these websites, you can stream the videos online at any time for watching. But there is a danger associated with it. These sites are not secure all the time, and they may contain some malware that can harm your computer irreversibly. So, if you think that you are adequately and efficiently secured, go for streaming, else go for downloading.

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TV Movie Apps & Sites

Download Free Movie Apps For Android, iPhone/iPad & PC

So here I am going to share some of the free movie apps for whichever model of smartphone you have. There are many, but I am sharing top & best free mobile movies applications. They can run on Android, iPhone, iPad, & PC/ TV apps for Android, iPhone & iPad1. Cinema Box: This application available to be downloaded only on Android smartphones with the features of free streaming of movies and TV shows. Cinema Box app allows the user to download movies/TV shows to watch offline. One exceptional feature is that it supports the Google Chromecast as well for watching video on a bigger screen. Go to the link below and then download their APK from there and install.

2. Showbox (Movie Box): This App remains a chit-chat topic amongst the people when it comes to free movie downloading. Here movies and TV series could be streamed easily and free. However, it is not available on Google Play for download. You have to go to the ShowBox’s official site for downloading. It is not limited to streaming; it has the feature of downloading too. So you can download the videos you wish and then watch them offline. You can run this app on PC as well as your smartphone.

3. Bobby Movie Box: There is sad news about it. No, it is not related to its features. Features of this app are at their best. It is just that this app is available for Apple users only. It provides movies in HD quality in a very attractive and user-friendly manner. It displays add to promote itself.

4. MegaBox HD: While Bobby Movie Box is limited in its use to Apple users, Mega Box HD use is limited to Android users. It is readily available on PlayStore. It can be brought to use on the PC with the use of Bluestacks Android emulator.

5. Viewster: Movie and TV shows of any genre are available on this app easily. The unique feature of Viewster is that any language of the film can be filtered with this app. The results can also be sorted similarly to desktop sites. A distinctive feature of Viewster is that it provides a biography section to view the journal pages of actors and actresses. It offers celebrity news and movie trailers as well.
Playstore Link: Android

6. Crackle: This is a multifaceted App for sure. It can work with any of the devices like Smart TVs, gaming consoles, streaming players and like them. It has an iPhone version also. Although logging in is not required, however if you want you can do so also.
Links: Android | iOS

7. Tubi TV: It Tv track for movies. It gives a complete description of the movie like its release date, genre, rating, release date, etc. whenever you chose any film.
Links: Android | iOS

8. Popcornflix: This App provides you the facility to browse movies by genre. The main page of it shows featured movies. It has the facility of sorting the movies with titles such as ‘most viewed’, ‘newly added’ etc. Good news is that you do not need to Login for this.
Links: Android | iOS

9. Yidio: The USP of this App is the easy user interface. The App directs you to the places for finding movies online for free. One thing to remember about this App is Yidio doesn’t host all the movies.
Links: Android | iOS

10. Newest Movie HD: The specialty of this App is that it focuses on Cartoon together with Movies. Its easy user interface and an extensive collection of cartoon and movies make it stand out of the herd of similar Apps.

11. Flipps HD (Android): This App is available only for Android. This application allows you to watch viral videos, listen to any music and stream movies on your Smartphone as well as on your TV. You can even download them in no time.
Playstore Link: Android

12. Hubi (Android): This App resonates with your movie needs. It let you stream TV channels and movies. The downloading with this app is comparatively faster than other Apps as it provides its servers link to collect the downloads. Hubi has more than 38 hosting resources.

13. YouTube: From teens to elders everyone is well aware of the term YouTube. The collection of movies on this App is small, but whatever it has, it provides them for free. It comes pre-installed in maximum Android Smartphones.
Links: Android | iOS

14. IMDb Movies and TV: This is a free movie app which exclusively works on iPhone 6/6S. It is famous for its largest database of movies and TV shows. It keeps celebrity information as well. You can get latest updates about the upcoming films as well.
Links: Android | iOS

15. RedBox: This is also a Free Movie App for iOS 8-based iPhone 6/6 Plus. Here you can find the much-awaited films. It has some exciting games also to its added advantage. One can play from NBA 2K15 to Madden NFL 15 PS3.
Links: iOS | Android

Live TV Applications Channels For Android, iPhone/iPad (iOS)

It is a time when smartphones and tablets are replacing big TV experience with the small screen. The Internet is flooded with the Apps that not only provide the live streaming and downloading of the TV shows but also the synopsis of the series, details of the cast and the associated schedule of the TV shows. Isn’t it amazing?Free Live TV apps For Android, iPhone & iPadSome networks have even released their App to stream the content of the shows just after their release. The networks are doing this to reduce the competition given to them by the Apps like Netflix, Hulu, etc. We are enlisting here 15 Apps which lets you watch your secondary TV on the small screen.

1. TV Guide: It works on both Android and iOS. TV Guide is an App, which gives detailed listings of networks and programs. It helps its user to create personal watchlists and alerts for TV shows. It also contributes to compare the trending shows with the other TV guide users.

Links: iOS | Android

2. MLG Free TV App: This App works on both the platforms i.e. Android and iOS. It is focused on competitive gaming eSports. Here MLG stands for Major League Gaming. It can be downloaded easily from Google Play Store.
Links: iOS | Android

3. Lig TV App: This App is designed specifically for football lovers. There are loads of soccer videos on this app. Along with the free videos, it provides Sports Toto Super League updates, football news, etc.
Links: iOS | Android

4. Flipps Movies, Music TV: This App is not for the sports lover, but for movie and music lovers. It provides more than 100 channels support.Nobody can ever get bored if they have this App on their Smartphone.
Links: iOS | Android

5. TFC TV App: It allows its user to watch the TFC videos in their best HD quality and socialize with TFC users. It means that it is centered around TFC only.
Links: iOS | Android

6. Next Episode: It has a very attractive user interface. It helps you by providing the top charts and personalized recommendations for shows based on your watching habits.
Links: iOS | Android

7. TV Showtime: It tracks the TV shows with interesting social elements. They only provide the content that is legally available on the web for watching. You can even comment on shows and share it with the other members using this App.
Links: iOS (iPhone/iPad) | Android

8. TV Series (Only Android): It shows the TV series by FEMA. The unique thing is that it lets you customize the interface of the app. You can even change the logo and get notifications about the episodes of your favorite shows. It is available for downloading on Android platform only and not iOS.
Download Link: Playstore

9. iShows2 (Only iOS): With its dark theme and customization ability, this App works very consistently while looking fabulous. Although it is free, TV Show-styled themes can be bought to be used in the App. As the name suggests, it is specifically meant for iOS users.
Download Link: iTunes

10. Series Addict (Android): This is again an Android App, which looks great with its modern Android look. Along with providing the shows for viewing, this App lets you see calendared view of your TV schedule.

11. SeenIt (iOS): It is again a Tv track app that enables the customization of the watchlist. It even supports you with the list of trending shows and notifications. It is available only for iOS.

12. Anime Tracker (iOS): This App syncs with the anime database named MyAnimeList. It lets you see the trailers, schedule reminders, and rate shows. It is restricted in its use to iOS only.

13. Viggle: Watching TV shows with rewards can only be possible with Viggle App. Believe this; it is true! It has tied up with brands like Best Buy, Burger King, Fandango, etc. So when you watch your favorite TV show, it automatically gives you reward points.
Links: iOS | Android 

14. IMDb Movies and TV: This App contains one of the world’s largest collections of TV titles and Movies.
Links: iOS | Android 

15. Crackle – Movies and TV: It is designed and released for Android phones only. Here, one can watch countless TV shows for free. Not only the gist, but you can also watch the Full TV series.
Links: iOS | Android

Genuine Free Online HD Movies Mobile/PC Streaming Sites

People just go crazy about online movie streaming. But sometimes they get confused about from where to stream the movies for best results. If you don’t want to download movies, but you like watching movies without downloading them become all the more puzzled about where to go for it and how to safely stream it. So here we are to help. Here, we have published a list of 10 best movie and video streaming sites that do not require any downloading and that remains free throughout.Online HD Movie Sites List1. OZO MoviesOn this movie site, you will find a vast collection of free HD movies, which requires no sign-up or download. The unique feature also includes an option to view the famous movies by their release year. You can even directly search for your favorite movie by typing in the search box.

2. Movies Tube online: It provides both the movies and the TV shows online streaming. It provides the additional details about the films like release date, duration, lead actor, director, genre, etc. You can find some of the latest movies here.

3. Popcornflix: It is not restricted to movies. You can stream your TV shows online on this site. Its design is very attractive featuring the latest and modern cinemas on the home page. It is updated very frequently.

4. New Movies This site provides latest movies for watching. It attaches the information like genre, storyline, ratings, etc. with all the movies available for watching, which helps to have an idea about the type of movie one is going to watch.

5. Watch Movies Free: This site doesn’t host movies on their server. Instead, it provides direct streaming links from the popular streaming websites. As you get multiple streaming links for each movie, you can always try different links if one doesn’t work well.

6. Movie Watcher: Movie Watcher allows you to watch TV series along with movies. It again doesn’t host any video, but give links to the streaming site.

7. PrimeWire: Here, you can watch 1000s of Hollywood movies. This site gets updated with a lot of movies every minute, which makes it best. You just have to log in your account to watch it for free.

8. Crackle: Here you can watch movies without any registration. It fabricates the movies according to its genre like sports, sci-fi, horror, romance, etc. You can even create your watchlist on the website. Just click on the Play button and you are all done.

9. Hulu: Some of the users and experts of live movie streaming place the Hulu on the top of their list. Hulu is owned collectively by FOX, NBC, and ABC. It is primarily centered on the free video streaming of US movies and TV Shows. It is limited to US region up to now.

10. Vumoo: It has more than 60,000 movies in its collection. It allures with its good look and then hooks the audience with its quality content. Just search for your favorite movie in the search box and you are all set to watch it.

Most of the users now tend to watch movies on their readily available and handy smartphones, then on their Desktops or Laptops. So the developers thought it better to devise some applications which can stream or store movies with easy sign-up. When the developers were developing these apps, they did not have any idea that it’s going to be so cheap to see the movies on these apps & sites.

Conclusion: We have tried our very best to collect all the free online mobile HD movies apps & sources from where you can see the movies for free either online or offline. Try all these links to explore the pros and cons of all. Find the best for you, so that in future you do not face any trouble. With this, we wish you luck and full of enjoyment!